[Today’s Japanese word “Kodomo-no-hi”]

"Carp streamer”

Today’s Japanese word “Kodomo-no-hi” (Children’s Day).
In Japan, May 5th is “Kodomo-no-hi”.
And it is the “Tango-no-Sekku” (Boys’ Festival).

“Kodomo-no-hi” and “Tango-no-sekku” is the same day, but it is strictly the different festivals.
Because those days have different origin.
“Tango-no-sekku” is a habit that is from a long time ago.
“Kodomo-no-hi” is the national holiday that was established recently.

The “Tango-no-Sekku” is a habit that came from the old China, it was the event to avoid the illness and misfortune.
The event had used the “Shoubu” (flag).
By the way, in Japan, pronounced “duel” is “Shoubu”.
“Shoubu” (flag) is similar in euphony to the “shoubu” (duel), and the leaves are similar to the sword.
From there, this event is a strong and heroic image.
From strong brave image, the Kamakura era became the “Boys’ Festival”.

Well, next story the “Kodomo-no-hi”, this is a holiday that was enacted in 1948.
In “kodomo-no-hi”, they decorate the “Carp streamer” and “Armor helmet”.
Also decorate the “Shoubu”.
And we take a sweet‐flag‐bath by using the flag.
Also we eat “Kashiwa-mochi” and “Zongzi” as a special food.
It is very fun festival!

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"Armor helmet"  "Shoubu" (flag)