[“Koko-en” / Himeji, Hyogo]

Japanese garden with pond

“Koko-en” is Japanese garden in Himeji, Hyogo.
Japanese garden “Koko-en” was constructed in 1992 at the exact site of NIshi-Oyashiki (Lord’s West Residence) with Himeji Castle. Himeji Castle is one of the world cultural heritages.

The area of this garden is about 3.5ha. It is consists of nine different gardens, built on the archaeologically excavated site of samurai houses and rodas. Using the gardening techniques in the Edo period as a good model, “Koko-en” creates historical atmosphere with the magnificent view of Himeji Castle.

There are tea room named “Soujyu-an”. You enjoy taking the matcha tea and Japanese soft fresh sweets. And you feel the historical culture about Japanese tea ceremony, “cha-no-yu”.

You will have a good stroll and feel history in “Koko-en” with Himeji Castle.

[Information] Koko-en
■Opening hours:
9:00~18:00 (April 27th ~ August 31th).
9:00~17:00 (September 1th ~ April 26th).
■Entering (ticket) fee:
Adult:300yen / Student:150yen
68 Honmachi, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture.
■URL: http://www.aburatsubo.co.jp/language/english/
■Tel: +81-79-289-4120
Ride on the bus from “Himeji” station, and get off at “Himeji Castle Koko-en bus stop”.
15 minutes walking from “Himeji Castle Koko-en bus stop”.

"Koko-en" is Japanese garden  Japanese traditional building Japanese soft fresh sweets (seasonal variation)  There are nine different gardens.