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main items; "fude" (brush) and paper.

Have you ever done “Shodo” (Japanese Calligraphy)?
In Shodo, there are 4 main items; “fude” (brush), “sumi” (black ink), ink stone, and paper. And you write some words or letters in Japanese, like “Kanji”.

In Japan, elementary school students definitely learn “Shodo” in school.
And some kids participate the Shodo lesson after school. I also did.

Today, I introduce one of the “Shodo” (Calligraphy) class in Tokyo.
In this class, they have actual results teaching “Shodo” for many people from other countries.
There is a trial class of “Shodo”. It costs 4, 100yen / hour, and you can take it home for souvenir.
If you try this class, you have to reserve by phone or from the website.

Please enjoy the experience “Shodo (Calligraphy)” Japanese culture.

[ Information ] Udoyoshi Calligraphy Lesson
■Class open: Wednesday: 15:00~21:00
Thursday: 14:00~21:00
1st and 3rd Saturday: 12:00~16:00
■Address: 〒113-0034
2-14-12, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-800-812-6303
■URL: http://shodo.tokyo/
■Access: Nearest station is Chiyoda-line subway “Yushima” station.
6 minutes walking from Chiyoda-line “Yushima” Station exit 5.

"Shodo" (Japanese Calligraphy)  "Shodo" (Japanese Calligraphy)