[ “Shiratani Unsuikyo”, Became the stage of movie “Princess Mononoke” @ Yakushima Island in Kagoshima ]

"the forest of Princess Mononoke".

“Shiratani Unsuikyo” is the natural recreation forest at Yakushima Island. It has been selected by the Forestry Agency in 1979.
Here whole area is covered with virgin forest.
It was made by abundant rainfall.
You can watch “the Yayoi cedar” (of estimated 3, 000 years old) and the big “Yaku cedar”.
This “Yayoi cedar” is a symbol in “Shiratani Unsuikyo”.

By the way, there is the forest called “the forest of Princess Mononoke”.
Hayao Miyazaki (Movie director of “Princess Mononoke”) came to watch again and again to this forest.
And, he had thought about the image of “the forest of Princess Mononoke”.
There seems to be an image scene of “the forest of “Shiratani Unsuikyo” in a movie.

“Shiratani Unsuikyo” is included in the “Natural Recreation Forest Yakushima”.

[ Information ] “Shiratani Unsuikyo”
Regular holiday: during bad weather such as typhoons only
Ishizuka National Forest, Miyanoura Dake, Yakushima-cho, Kumage, Kagoshima Prefecture
■TEL: +81-997-42-3508
■URL: http://www.kagoshima-kankou.com/for/areaguides/yakushima.html
35 minutes by bus from Miyanoura Port (There are few bus).
You get off at Matsubanda-Kotu, or Tanegashima・Yakushima-Kotu “Shiratani Unsuikyo bus stop”.

"Shiratani Unsuikyo"  the big cedar "the forest of "Shiratani Unsuikyo"