[ Sekizan Zen-in Temple @ Kyoto ]

vivid colored leaves

Many beautiful and strange temple in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. My favorite autumn landscape is colored leaves, “KOYO”. Especially maple “Momiji” is beautiful. I suggest “Sekizan Zen-in” temple . This is located in north area of Kyoto city.

You are able to go there by pretty mountain’s train, “Eizan train”.
You are surprised with landscape of “Momiji”. And you are surprised the approach of “Momiji” that follows from the shrine gate “Torii”. “Momiji” is burning red and stained yellow. You are breathtaking with vivid colored leaves.

By the way, this temple has some “?” , so very strangely.
You see the roof of the main hall, so there is monkey statue which is baked pottery in the red soil. Because Japanese demon “ONI” hates monkeys. But monkey likes mischiefs. Finally it had been surrounded by a wire net. Charming countenance of monkey will be visible to fool the demon.

And this temple mixed Buddhism temple “Bukkyo” and Japanese respecting Shindo shrine. In Japan, both ideologies are not in same places, but Emperor of “Heian-kyo” (older capital) established this temple 1200 years ago.

[Information] Sekizan Zen-in Temple

18, Kaikombou-cho, Shugaku-in, Sakyo-ku dist. Kyoto City
■TEL: +81-75-701-5181
20 minutes walking from “Eizan Electric Railway” “Shugakuin Station”.

Sekizan Zen-in Temple  Sekizan Myoujin Charming countenance of monkey