[ “Tsutenkaku Tower” @ Osaka]

"Tsutenkaku Tower"

“Tsutenkaku tower” is an observation tower of 100m at Osaka. It is well known as a symbol of “Osaka Shin-sekai”.

On the top of tower, there is a neon sign that tells weather forecast of the next day. The color of neon sigh is white for a sunny day, yellow for a cloudy day, blue for a rainy day, and pink for snowy day.

On the 5th floor, observation deck with the seven Gods of Good Luck looks like a gorgeous shrine that is colored in Gold. There is an official character of “Tsutenkaku tower”, named “Billiken”. “Billiken” is famous as the God of the good fortune. Please visit the tower and touch his sole (your wish will come true!) if you are sightseeing in Osaka.

Don’t miss to enjoy Osaka’s wonderful foods, such as “Akashi-yaki”, “takoyaki”,”kushi-katsu” and so on!

[Information] Tsutenkaku Tower
■Admission fee:
University student:500yen
Middle and high-school students:400yen
Primary school child &Child (5 years old~):300yen
1-18-6 Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
■TEL: +81-6-6641-9555
■URL: http://www.tsutenkaku.co.jp/index.html
5 minutes walk from Osaka metro line “Ebisucho station” (the exit3)

"Billiken"  "Tsutenkaku Tower" at night  "kushi-katsu"  "Akashi-yaki"