[ Today’s Japanese food: “Takoyaki” ]

”Takoyaki” is soul food at "Osaka".

Today’s Japanese food is “Takoyaki”. “Takoyaki” is one of the most popular Japanese foods using flour in Japan (particularly in the Kansai region).

An octopus and a spice are put into wheat flour dough, and baked in a sphere about 3-5cm in diameter. It is a dish considered to be Osaka origin.

In general, we put Worcester sauce on “Takoyaki”, and sprinkle with “Katsuo-bushi” (dried bonito shavings) and “aonori” (green dried seaweed).

You can eat in various seasonings, such as salt, “Yuzukosyo” (citron pepper), soy sauce, and “Ponzu” (juice pressed from a bitter orange).

You can eat it easily at the store of “Takoyaki”, the booth, or the food court.

Already, “Takoyaki” has spread out abroad.
Please try the “Takoyaki” if you saw it at your country. I guarantee the taste.

We make it with "Takoyaki" plate and use pick to turn "Takoyaki".  "Takoyaki" booth.  "Takoyaki" booth is very popular at festivals.