[ Sweet strawberry hunting ]

strawberry field

Have you ever been to the fruits hunting?
In Japan, “hunting” is popular tourism spots. For example, there are strawberries, grapes, peaches, pears, apples and so on.
It is fun because you can hunt seasonal fruits every season in various areas.

The other day, I went “strawberry hunting” in Mie prefecture. It is my first time for the strawberries hunting.
When I approached the strawberry fields, it got a very sweet scent.
And in this strawberry hunting, there was “all-you-can-eat” for 45 minutes!
I felt so happy and excited!

Also you can buy some strawberry souvenirs.
The best season of strawberry hunting is April and May.

Recently, there are some bus tours of a day trip including fruits hunting.
How about it on your Japanese travel plan?

strawberry hunting   a big strawberry!!