[Japanese traditional sweets : “Hakata Tori-Mon” ]

Japanese traditional sweets : "Hakata Tori-Mon"

“Hakata Tori-Mon” is a kind of the Japanese sweets.

“Tori-mon” is Japanese sweet which is made by sweet marker “Meigetudo” in Fukuoka. This is very popular as the souvenir. Many of Japanese would notice that you visited Fukuoka if you have this sweet.

“Tori-Mon” is Japanese traditional sweet “manjyu”. A lot of white anko (Japanese sweet bean paste), used batter and condensed milk is covered with soft sweet coating. Some people say it is Japanese sweet but alike western sweet, because its white anko has wealth aroma of batter. “Tori-Mon” is not too sweet so people will like it, even if they don’t have sweet so often.

“Manjyu” is one of the traditional Japanese sweets, and it is originally in Fukuoka. You can get “Tori-Mon” at stations or an airport in Fukuoka.
The name of “Tori-Mon” means that people who perform Japanese traditional guitar, whistle or drum at Dontaku, very popular festival in Fukuoka.