[ “Shiba-zakura no Oka” (“Hitsuji-yama” Park) @ Chichibu / Saitama ]

Variety kinds of ”Shibazakura”.

“Shiba-zakura no Oka” (hill) is a flower garden of the ground pink at the “Hitsuji-yama” Park in Chichibu-shi, Saitama prefecture.
“Shiba-zakura” (ground pink) is a flower looks like “sakura”. It was named “Shiba-zakura” by its leaf shape similar to “sakura”.
The color of flower is light pink, red, light purple or white. It blooms from April to May.

The planting area of the “Shiba-zakura” is gloried in an eminent scale in Kanto area. And a colorful “Shiba-zakura” are designed and planted.
The planting area is about 17, 600㎡, nine kinds and about 400, 000 stocks.

By the way, “Hitsuji” of “Hitsuji-yama” Park means a sheep. According to the name, sheep are kept in the park.
You can also touch to a sheep.

“Hitsuji-yama” Park is in the place about 80 minutes by a train from Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
Please come to Saitama to see the “Shiba-zakura”!

*Please share if you want to go!

[ Information ] “Shiba-zakura no Oka” (in “Hitsuji-yama” Park)
■Open period; 4/15(Fri) to 5/8(Sun)
■Open time: 8:00 ~ 17:00
■Admission fee:
General:300 yen
Group (more than 20 people): 250 yen
* Under junior high student: free.
6360 Oomiya, Chichibu-City, Saitama
1)Ride on limited express of Seibu Railway from “Ikebukro Station” → about 80 minute ride to “Seibu Chichibu station”
2) about 20 minutes on foot from “Seibu Chichibu station”

“Shiba-zakura”  ”Shibazakura no Oka” (in “Hitsuji-yama” Park) A girl with "Shibazakura".  The sheep in “Hitsuji-yama” Park.
埼玉県秩父市大宮6360 羊山公園