[ Today’s Japanese Food: “Kuro mame” – New Year Black Bean ]

"Kuro mame" - New Year Black Bean

Today’s Japanese food is “Kuro mame”.
We will introduce New Year Black Bean, called “Kuro mame” in Japanese. Japanese eat “Osechi” (New Year dishes) during New Year. In this Osechi, there are various dishes placed in a black box with different layers and each dishes have different meanings.

The meaning of Kuro mame is to hope everyone can work with good health. “Mame” in Japanese originally means strength and health. Also, it also has a pun saying “to work hard”. In Taoism, the color black works as a talisman. People hope to work hard and become tanned as black as the black bean.

The black bean is stewed very softly. It tasted really sweet.

You can have black bean in normal occasions but it is often eaten in New Year season.

"Kuro mame", "Datemaki" and "Kohaku-namasu" (red-and-white salad).  Japanese eat "Osechi" (New Year dishes) during New Year.