[Today’s Japanese word “Shogi” ]

The pieces of "Shogi"

Today’s Japanese word is “Shogi” (Japanese chess).

“The shogi” is a one of the strategy board games by two players in Japan.
It is commonly referred to as the “Hon-shogi”.
The origin of “Shogi” is Indian ancient “Chaturanga”.
The playing of “Hon-shogi” is the same way as such as chess. The population of playing “Shogi ” is an estimated 6.7 million people in the world.

Well, Japanese “Hon-shogi” is a feature that there is a “Mochi-goma”. This is the unique rules. The “Mochi-goma”, is to use a “Koma” (the piece) of the other party that you have won as own “Koma” (the piece).

The “shogi” is called “Hon-shogi”, it is main game name. And other games are “Hasami-shogi” or “Mawari-shogi”.
These use the piece of the same “Shogi’s Koma”, but rules are different.

Victory or defeat of the “Hon-Shogi” is to take the “Oushou” (piece of King) of the other party.
However, traditionally, “actually taking the “Oushou”” has been avoided.
So, hunt down the “king” of the other party, it determines the outcome victory or defeat.
That time, the defeater said, “Mairi-mashita” (give up).

It’s difficult game!!

The first arrangement of shogi  Shogi piece is artistic!