[ “Yatsuhashi” : Today’s “Wagashi” (traditional Japanese sweet) ]

“Nama Yatsuhashi".

Today’s “Wagashi” is “Yatsuhashi”.
“Yatsuhashi” is one of the “Wagashi” representing Kyoto.
It is a kind of the rice cracker, and the feature of it is a cinnamon flavor.
It came to be recognized when it was sold at Kyoto Station in the Meiji era and became popular.
It was called “Kata-yaki-senbei” (hard-baking rice cracker) at first.
The popular of “Yatsuhashi” is called “Nama Yatsuhashi”. It isn’t baked but have been steamed and bean jam is stuffed in “Yatsuhashi”.
“Nama Yatsuhashi” is more popular in the present age.

There are “Yatsuhashi” powdered green tea flavor, strawberry flavor, or chocolate flavor. And many kinds of “Yatsuhashi” are devised.

According to the “statistics investigation about the visitors purchasing souvenir of the Kyoto sightseeing”, confectionery rises to 96%, and the sales of the “Yatsuhashi” occupy overall about 46%.

If you like bean jam, how about trying these taste?

Bean jam stuffed “Yatsuhashi".