[Today’s Japanese food: “Hatsu Katsuo” ]

"Sashimi" of "Hatsu Katsuo".

Today’s Japanese food is “Hatsu Katsuo” (the first bonito of the season).
I think there is a person that is familiar with a “Katsuo” (bonito), but “Katsuo” is a fish of popularity in Japan, too.
“Katsuo” is said to be a one kind of a fish that occupying the important position in the marine products industry of Japan.
We call the landing of the first bonito “Hatsu Katsuo”. It’s the advent of the summer and we treasure it.
Because there is no fat, there is a person liking this taste. I also love it too!!

We eat “Hatsu Katsuo” as “sashimi” (raw fish), “tataki” (seared bonito slices) and “sushi”. Particularly, “sashimi” and “tataki” are very delicious.

By the way, we eat “Hatsu Katsuo” in Children’s Day.
In this day, the bonito is expressed with “勝男” (勝= victory, 男= man).
It is an indispensable dish in the Boy’s festival in celebration of success in life and the growth of the boys.

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"Tataki" (thin type) of "Hatsu Katsuo".  Big and thick "tataki" of "Hatsu Katsuo".  "Hatsu Katsuo".