[ “Mizuyoukan” : Today’s Japanese sweet ]

Basic "Mizuyokan".

“Yokan” is a Japanese sweet which is made by jellifying bean jam. It is mainly made from “adzuki” beans, with “Kanten” (Japan agar).
“Mizuyokan” (sweet jellied bean paste) is the Japanese sweet which processed original “yokan”.

The difference between “yokan” and “Mizuyokan” is depending on the amount of “Kanten”.
“Yokan” (also called “Neri-yokan”) has much “Kanten” and it’s heavily and has hardness. “Mizu-yokan” containing less “Kanten” and more water than “Neri-yokan”.

“Mizuyokan” is soft like jelly, you can enjoy eating that cold. So, “Mizuyokan” is considered to be the summer Japanese sweet.

A basic color of the sweet jellied bean paste is reddish brown, but, color turns into several colors depending on mixture.

It is pleasure to eat “Mizuyokan” with enjoying the difference in color!

Yellow color "Mizuyokan".  Pink color "Mizuyokan". Softness is like a jelly.