[ “Hiyashi chuka” : A summer noodle dish ]

Orthodox "Hiyashi chuka".

“Hiyashi chuka” is a chilled ramen noodles in summer.
We eat it on a hot day. It is the Japanese custom in summer time.

Making “Hiyashi chuka” is very easy.
You just put the colorful materials, such as vegetables (cucumber), ham, shredded omelet, on the cold Chinese noodles. And you pour the soy sauce-based soup over.

You decorate it colorfully not to make the materials joining each other.
You dish up beautifully.
The soy sauce-based soup is based on soy sauce, vinegar and the sesame sauce.

It’s popular throughout Japan. The dish’s name and materials are different depending on the region or home.

When it becomes summer, many Chinese restaurants add it to a menu.

They put the poster “Hiyashi chuka hajime masita (We began “Hiyashi chuka”)” on the shop and announce it.

"Hiyashi chuka" with crab fish cake topping.  Seafood "Hiyashi chuka" with shrimp topping.  Shops announces with the poster, "Hiyashi chuka hajime masita (We began "Hiyashi chuka")" .