[ Today’s Japanese food: “ONIGIRI” ]

You can eat few types of "Onigiri".

Today’s Japanese food is “ONIGIRI”.

“ONIGIRI” (also called “OMUSUBI”) is the rice ball shaped round or sometimes triangle.
After making the shape, we generally wrap the rice ball in the “Yaki nori” (toasted laver) .

It is the popular Japanese food eaten at the picnic or at the traveling by car or by train.

Also we enjoy putting in a variety of ingredients in “ONIGIRI”.

Generally for example,
“Ume boshi” : pickled ume,
“Syake” : grilled salmon,
“Konbu” (kelp)…etc.

But this time, I want to introduce you some “ONIGIRI” out of the ordinary.
It is also popular like general type “ONIGIRI”.

Photo 2:
“Ten-musu” (Shrimp tempura “ONIGIRI”)
“Maitake ten-musu” (Maitake mushroom tempura “ONIGIRI”)
Photo 3:
“HIroshima-na ONIGIRI” (“ONIGIRI” wrapped with green vegetables made in Hiroshima)
“Tuna-mayonnaise ONIGIRI” (canned tuna tossed with mayonnaise as a filling)

Simple “ONIGIRI” is only with salt, without filling. It’s called “Sio-Musubi” ( sio means salt).

Recently, the rice ball named “O-nigirazu” came up. “nigirazu” means, “not make the shape”. “Onigirazu” is the flat type “ONIGIRI”. It’s similar to sandwiches.

You can buy “Onigiri” at “Onigiri” specialty stores or at convenience stores.

Please try eating several ingredients!!

Left: "Ebi ten omusubi" (Shrimp tempura) Right: "Mai-tate omusubi" (Maitake mushroom tempura)  Some types of "onigiri" are wrapped with green vegetables. Right one is "tuna-mayonnaise onigiri".  You can buy "Onigiri" at "Onigiri" specialty stores or at convenience stores.