[ Today’s Japanese food: “Hina-arare” ]


Today’s Japanese food is “Hina-arare”.

“Hina-arare” (colored ball rice puff) are season’s sweets eaten at the “Hina-matsuri” (Doll’s Festival) on March 3.
It is a kind of the “Wagashi”.

Eating “Hina-arare” is praying for girl’s health and growth.

There feature is that the “Hina-arare” has three color. And every color has a meaning.
・white express snow
・green express a bud of trees
・pink express life

How to make “Hina-arare”.
Cook the dried boiled glutinous rice (the thing which was dried enough after steamed) and a bean, and season it sweetness.
When you color it in pink and green, you color the “Arare” (ball rice puff) or sprinkle the colored sugar to the “Arare”.

For a Japanese girl, “Hina-arare” is the tastes of the memories.

Cute and sweet colorful rice puff.  It is sold in bag.