[Today’s Japanese Food: Takenoko ]

Digged "Takenoko".

Today’s Japanese food is “Takenoko”.

“Takenoko” (bamboo shoot) is bud of gramineous bamboo, and it is used as ingredients in Japan or China.
In the early spring, we eat the bud goes out from the ground.

“Takenoko” is cooked by various ways. For example, boiled, baked, deep-fried, fried, and we eating in the raw. It is light taste, so it is easy to eat the “Takenoko” very much.

Also, we eat “Menma” which is Taiwanese tradition ingredients as topping of the ramen.

An event called “Takenoko-hori” (bamboo shoot digging) is held at each bamboo shoot farm from early of April to early of May every year.

Please remember in the memory of the trip.

Peeled "Takenoko".  "Takenoko" rice. Boiled and seasoned "Takenoko".  You can dig "Takenoko" with your family.