[ Today’s Japanese Food: “Kabochya no Nimono” ]

"Kabochya no nimono"

Today’s Japanese food is “Kabochya no Nimono” (Stewed Pumpkin dishes).

In Japan, we eat a Western pumpkin (pumpkin improved a kind in a Japanese kind) mainly.

Western pumpkin taste is very good and the sweetness is strong. It is popular in Japan to use for “Nimono” (food boiled and seasoned).

The pumpkin cultivated in Japan has little starch, the sweetness is modest, and the texture is sticky. It is hard to fall apart even if we stew it for a long time.
Affinity with the soy sauce is good, and it is also used by Japanese food such as “Nimono” or the tempura.

The representative dish is “Kabochya no Nimono”. “Kabochya no Nimono” has some ways to make. The basics are stewed dishes, but we change ingredient materials for preference.

The kinds of “Kabochya no Nimono”:
1) “Kabochya no Nimono”
The basic stewed pumpkin dishes. Use only pumpkin for ingredient. Stew pumpkin with water and Japanese seasoning (soy sauce, liquor, sugar, sweet sake) to make it.

2) “Kabochya no Soboro an-kake”
The basic recipe is same as 1). At 2), you make a “Soboro an” (minced meat sauce) with the leftover broth. If broth cools down to some extent, put a minced meat, starch and water. Put it on the fire while mixing it in chopsticks. Mix the “Soboro an” with the pumpkin, and it’s finished.

If you like pumpkin, how about adding this dish to your recipe?

"Kabochya no soboro ankake"  We use Japanese pumpkin. It is popular as winter home meal.