[Today’s Japanese Food: “Anpan”]

"Anpan" ("Koshi-an" type)

Today’s Japanese food is “Anpan”.

Have you ever eaten an “Anpan” before? The “Anpan” is Japanese sweet bread.
You will find that “Anpan” is soft. And it is included “An” (sweet red beans paste) in its center. “An” is very popular as a Japanese sweet. “An” is 2 kinds, “Tubu-an” and “Koshi-an”. “Tubu-an” is mashed beans paste. You can taste and enjoy bean peel. “Koshi-an” is smooth beans paste.

It might have sesames or a pickled cherry blossom on “Anpan”. Yes, you can eat cherry blossoms.

In the Meiji period, “Kimuraya” made the “Anpan” for the first time in Japan. “Kimuraya” is a famous bakery shop in Ginza, Tokyo.

If you eat the “Anpan”, let’s go to the closest supermarket or any convenience store around you. Of course cozy bakery will do. You can find them at the bread section, as long as they’re not sold out. Now many bakeries have made their special “Anpan”.

sesames on "Anpan"  a pickled cherry blossom on "Anpan"