[Today’s Japanese food “Yakiniku”]


Today’s Japanese food is “Yakiniku”.

“Yakiniku” is meaning “grilled meat”. “Yakiniku” originally referred to the “barbecue” of western food. 

Meat has been eaten in Japan since the Jyoumon period. However, the rise of Buddhism made the eating of meat taboo. So, some people eat the meat from the Edo period.

In a yakiniku restaurant, Japanese style of cooking is that bite-sized meats and vegetables are grilled over flame of wood charcoals carbonized by dry distillation (“sumibi”) or gas/electric grill.

People order prepared raw ingredients, such as Rosu, Karubi, Harami, Tan, Tontoro, Horumon etc.. It is brought to the table. They cook the ingredients by themselves on a grill built into the table throughout the meal. Usually they grill several pieces at a time.

The grilled ingredients are then dipped in sauces “tare” before being eaten. The most common sauce is made of Japanese soy sauce mixed with “sake”, “mirin”, sugar, garlic, fruit juice and sesame. Garlic-and-shallot or miso-based dips are sometimes used.

In some restaurants, we grill the ingredients on “shichirin” (Japanese barbecue grill).
And we eat “wagyu” (Japanese cattle). It is very soft and delicious!

raw "wagyu" (Japanese cattle) and vegetables  "shichirin" (Japanese barbecue grill)