[Today’s Japanese Food : “Aji-furai” (fried mackerel)]

"Aji-furai" (fried mackerel)

Today’s Japanese food is “Aji-furai” (fried mackerel).

A lot of people of Japanese love eating fish. A mackerel is one of the popular fish. Because it is cheap and delicious in Japan. We often eat the fried mackerel.
We introduce how to make fried mackerel.

1) Please cut the mackerel in 3 pieces. And clean it, peal off the skin, and remove “zeigo”. Please put salt and pepper.
2) Coat the stretched mackerel filet with flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs in that order.
3) Deep-fry it in hot cooking oil.
4) It is fried into golden brown and it is ready to eat.

It eats with shredded cabbage, so it taste good. Pour brown sauce or lemon juice or taste good. It eats with rice, beer, wine and sake. It taste very good!

"Aji-furai" (fried mackerel) with shredded cabbage  cut the mackerel in 3 pieces