[ Today’s Japanese food: “Chimaki” ]


Today’s Japanese food is “Chimaki”.

“Chimaki” is a rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves. We eat it in “Tango-no-Sekku” (Boys’ Festival).

As for the thing called “Chimaki” in Japan, both the shape and the contents vary now by a district. There are triangular shape like rice ball, or a slim stick shape which are bundle up.

Also there are sweet types which a bean jam is inside, and a thing only taste of the glutinous rice.

Why do we eat a “Chimaki” on a day of “Tango-no-Sekku”?

“Chimaki” came to Japan from China in the early Heian era.
In China, May 5 is the death day of “Kutsugen” (a politician and a poet of about B. C. 300) who drowned itself in a river.

And the food which became the original form of the “Chimaki” were thrown into the river for his memorial service.
This is said to be an origin eating a “Chimaki” in “Tango-no-Sekku”.

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We eat it in "Tango-no-Sekku" (Boys' Festival).  Glutinous rice taste.