[Today’s Japanese word “Momiji-gari”]

the famous temple of "Momiji"

Today’s Japanese word “Momiji-gari” (viewing of autumn-leaf).
Japan has the four seasons. And, there is the way of enjoying in each season. “Momiji-gari” is one of them in autumn.

Well, what is “Momiji-gari”?
It is the enjoying the autumn-leaf in a mountain or the field.

By the way, why is it called the “momiji-gari”?
“Momiji” is “a Japanese maple” in Japanese. The “kari” or “gari” in Japanese means “hunting”.
However, “kari” in here has a different meaning. It’s meaning is “in the fields or mountains, admire the plants and collect it”.

Why it came to be so used? Unfortunately there is no clear reason. One theory is that the enjoying flower and nature is described as “kari”.

So, there is the way of enjoying “Momiji-gari” in various ways.
Do you take a walk or a drive in the “Momiji”?
Do you view “Momiji” in the hot spring?
Do you try to go to the famous temple of “Momiji”?

Please find a way of enjoying “Momiji-Gari” in yourself.

"Momiji" and waterfalls  It "is to enjoy the autumn-leaf such as a mountain or the field".