[ Specialty traditional Kyoto food : “Saba zushi” ]

"Saba zushi"

Do you know “Saba-zushi”? There are many specialty traditional food in Kyoto.
“Saba-zushi” is delicious dish. It is made from mackerel.
On your first time , you are surprised with “Saba-zushi”.
“Saba-zushi” is popular among people in Kyoto.

In generally, your image of “Sushi” is the fresh fish on the gripped vinegar rice. It is called Edo style, “Nigiri”.
But in Kyoto, very far from sea, some people is not able to hand fresh fish during some centuries.
They carried mackerel in “Saba-kaido”, is between Sea of north Japanese “Nihon-kai” and Kyoto,.

Many people carried the fresh mackerel stuffed with a large amount of salt. And as freshness shortest distance of the mountain road, called “Saba-kaido” in one day and night.
The arrived mackerel keep the freshness, and it become just a good seasoning.

“Saba-zushi” that was born in the wisdom of our ancestors, we use the “Saba” (mackerel) that was flavored with kelp use the vinegar.
For this reason, the kelp disappear smell of mackerel.

In Kyoto, the “Masugata-ya” is a “Saba-zushi” shop that is loved by most local residents. Because “Saba-zushi” is expensive, but you can eat reasonable price in this restaurant. You are going to satisfied with good taste and good price. So you are queueing in front of restaurant with local residents and tourists.

[ Information ] Masugata-ya (sushi restaurant)
12:00-18:00 (except Tuesday)
179 Nishin-cho, Demachi Masugata, Kamigyo-ku Dist, Kyoto.
■TEL: +81-75-231-4209
■Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/%E6%BA%80%E5%AF%BF%E5%BD%A2%E5%B1%8B/204967016206430
5 minutes walking from Keihan main line “Demachi-yanagi Station”

"Saba-zushi" @ Masugata-ya   "Saba-zushi" and "Udon" (Japanese noodle) Masugata-ya