[Today’s Japanese word “FRIXION”]

Today’s Japanese word “FRIXION”.

Today, I introduce “FRIXION”. It is the name of series of writing instruments sold by Pilot Corporation.

“FRIXION” series is very popular among Japanese people.
The reason is that “fgel ink pen, colored pencil and highlighter” can not be erased usually. If you make a mistake, use a double line or use a correction pen.
However, “FRIXION” series is different. It can be erased with a special rubber.

The secret is the ink which a color turns into by a temperature change. This ink becomes colorless at high temperature.
So, rubbing with rubber made frictional heat , it becomes colorless and can delete the handwriting.
Therefore the dust of the eraser does not appear.

However, when the characters get hot, it becomes disappears.
In addition, it is less than -10 degrees Celsius, and the characters which disappeared may return.
So it can’t be used for a signature of a certificate.

But the “FRIXION” series with which a good part of a pen and a pencil is united is very convenient.

The movie is “highlighter pen”, “ballpoint pen” and “colored pencil”.
“FRIXION” series, please try once!