[Studying Japanese word : Expression of the agreement]

[Studying Japanese word : Expression of the agreement]

Good evening! It was the new week.
Thank you for reading always!

Let’s study the “expression of the agreement” in Japanese today!
There are many short sentences.
Here we go! lesson!

At first, a pattern to use very often.

・”Un” (Yup)
・”Sou sou” (That’s right)
・”Dane”/ “Dayone” (I think so, too.)
・”Desho” (extend the ending) (Isn’t it?)

These are used for talking with family or friends.

Next, a little polite pattern.
・”Watashi mo sou omoi masu” (I think so, too.)
・”Sore de yoi to omoi masu” (I think that it is fine.)

These are often used in office or others.

Well, about the Japanese words of the agreement “Un”.
This word is very similar to the Japanese word of disagreement “Uun”.

So, if you say “Un Sou sou” (Yup, that’s right) instead of just using “Un”, it is a agreeable impression!

It’s easy Japanese, so you’ll try it out!