[“Tori-no-ichi” Celebration @ Ootori Shrine (otorisama) in Tokyo ]

“Tori-no-ichi” is a traditional celebration since the Edo era, it is performed every year in November. A lot of “Engi-kumade” (Auspicious rake) are sold in “Tori-no-ichi”.
The “Tori” (Rooster) is one of the Japanese twelve horary signs.
Twelve horary signs is 12 kinds of animals, Rooster is the tenth animal.
In Japan, every day has assigned to twelve horary signs.
“Tori-no-ichi” is held in November “tori” day.
The appellation of celebration is called first celebration “Ichi-no-tori”, the second celebration “Ni-no-tori” , the third celebration “San-no-tori”.
In the year with “San-no-tori”, it is said the fire is likely to occur.
So, we will be able to buy the special rake that only year in Ootori Shrine.
“Tori-no-ichi” has a lot of street stall. “Engi-kumade” of main God’s symbols in Ootori Shrine is sold.
“Engi-kumade” stalls also leave about 150 stores around the shrine.
As this rake invite good luck, a lot of merchants buy it.
They are buy new “Engi-kumade” every year, that the habit of buying it is larger (expensive) than previous.
By buying larger than previous, they believed that their business become more prosperous.
When buying and selling of the rake is completed, they hit the hand clapping in prayer with cheerful “business prosperity”
It is a celebration very lively.

[ Information ] Ootori Shrine
9:00~17:00 No regular holiday
3-18-7 Senzoku, Taito-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-3876-0010
■URL: http://www.otorisama.or.jp/english.html
7-minutes walk from the Iriya Station North Exit 3 of the subway Hibiya Line