[Traditional, but Modern, “Meiji Jingu” / @Tokyo]

The big gate ("torii") of Meiji Jingu

In “Meiji Jingu” (Shrine), the number of worshiper is the top of Japan in the first visits of the year.
Meiji Shrine is dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress “Shoken”.

The precincts of a shrine has rich nature. There were artificial woods, now those woods into more natural and there are creatures that hardly seen in urban city.
It is confirmed that there are endangered species and discovered new insect species!
The big gate (“torii”) of Meiji Jingu is famous for biggest torii made of wood in Japan.

There are many ritual events in Meiji Jingu. For example, “Shichi-go-san”, ceremony for getting rid of bad luck (“Yaku-barai”), newborns first visit of shrine (“Omiya-mairi”), and the wedding ceremony.
In past, many famous people held wedding at Meiji Jingu.
With any luck, you can meet the beautiful bride dressed with traditional white “kimono”!!

[ Information ] Meiji Jingu
■Open: The gate opens when the sun rises, and closes when the sunsets.
The time varies with month
■Address:〒151-8557 1-1 Yoyogi-Kamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-3379-5511
■URL: http://www.meijijingu.or.jp/english/index.html
■Access: Nearest station JR Yamanote line “Harajuku station”
These are minutes walk to the shirne entraince from the nearest station.
It takes at least another ten minutes from the entrance to the main shrine buildings.

The gate of Meiji Jingu  The main shrine building of Meiji Jingu
東京都渋谷区代々木神園町1-1 明治神宮