[ Japanese word “KIMONO” ]

Back side of KIMONO

Today’s Japanese word is “KIMONO”.
“KIMONO” is Japanese traditional national costume from ancient times.
“KIMONO” are usually made of silk. Silk is a more luxurious material.
In general, we wear “KIMONO” for such occasions as special ceremonies and parties.
In today, people who wear the “KIMONO” every day is not very few.
When you wear a “KIMONO”, you wear “Tabi(Japanese socks)” instead of socks. And when you’re going out, wear “Zori(Japanese sandals) ”.
As Japanese traditional national costume , there is also “Yukata”.
An opportunity to wear it has more “Yukata” than “KIMONO”.
Next week, in Japanese word is “Yukata”.
See you next time.

Clothing of KIMONO  KIMONO  Zori (Japanese sandals)