[ AKITA vol.1 -Japanese prefecture introduction – No.5 ]

Giant Butterbur

On Tuesday, I introduce summary and characteristic about the prefecture.

Today, I introduce “AKITA”.
AKITA locates at Japan sea side of Tohoku region. In AKITA, rice growing is famous such as “Akita-komachi”.
From north of AKITA to South of AOMORI, there is “Shirakami-sanchi”; some elevation about 1, 000m mountains that registered UNESCO Nature heritage in 1993.
And in Kakunodate, old samurai residences exist in present day and sometimes it has used by a film shooting location.
About gourmet, “Kiri tampo” and “Inaniwa-Udon” are famous.

You can go to Akita by “Akita-Shinkansen”. It takes time about 4hours from Tokyo station.

[ Information ] 1) Region: Tohoku
2) Acreage: 11, 637.52km2
3) Population: about 999, 000 people
4) Prefectural government: Akita city
5) Major cities (without prefectural government): Oga city, Yokote city
6) Prefecture’s flower: Giant Butterbur
7) Prefecture’s bird: Copper Pheasant

Tomorrow, I introduce specially products and famous place and more that is useful for your sightseeing in Japan.

Copper Pheasant  "AKITA"