[ “Haha-no-hi” (Mother’s day) in Japan ]

"Thanks Mama" with Mama's portrait.

Hello all!
Japan is about to come “Haha-no-hi” (Mother’s day) soon.

Therefore I want to introduce the history and customs of the “Haha-no-hi” in Japan.
By the way, we call the our mother “Oka-san” or “Haha” in Japan.

Second Sunday of May is selected as “Haha-no-hi” in Japan. It follows after the American customs.
A child gives mother a present. It is carnation, and a message with the feeling of thanks.

The first “Haha-no-hi” to celebrate in Japan was carried out in the last years of the Meiji era.
Worship is carried out at the church of the school in “Haha-no-hi”, and it spread out generally.

In “Haha-no-hi”, we give our mother carnations. Also, we give the favorite sweets of mother or the product which mother wanted.
For other, we may give a service like taking mother for a trip and treat mother to a luxurious meal.

There is various way of the celebration of Mother’s Day by country. It is interesting!

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Giving mama carnation and present.  Treat mama to a luxurious meal. Let's tell the feeling of thanks to mother also this year!