[ “Kimono” experience @ Asakusa / Tokyo ]

beautiful Japanese girls wearing "Kimono"

If you are searching for special Japanese experience, including the combination of such scenic views in the most Japanese-like form, then save your precious time for a walk around Asakusa in “Kimono”.

As a tourist, it could be of the most pleasant feeling when you see beautiful Japanese girls wearing “Kimono” visiting temples. But wearing it yourself is indeed a gentle touch of soul, somehow blending you into the rich history of Japan.

The Japanese kimono is one of the world’s instantly recognizable traditional garments. The word kimono literally means “clothing”, and up until the mid 19th century it was the form of dress worn by everyone in Japan. How to wear a kimono perfectly can be a daunting task. Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right and secured by a sash called an obi, which is tied at the back. Kimono are generally worn with traditional footwear (“zori” or “geta”) and split-toe socks (“tabi”).

Asakusa, Tokyo can bring you a splash of memory with “Sensoji” temple, “Kaminarimon”, or shopping street like “Nakamise”; but the most vivid impression must be Japanese families and tourists walking around this downtown in “Kimono”. If you go online and search for “Kimono” rental in Asakusa, there will be plenty choices available with before-hand reservation for best price. One shop in our recommendation is KIMONO RENTAL wargo Asakusa Rock Street.

Let your journey in Japan begin with a walk in “Kimono”, thorough Nakamise street, into the most Edo-flourished symbol “Sensoji” temple, feeling the blend of culture and modern when you see Tokyo Sky Tree guarding the temple, and experience Japan in its most genuine form.

[ Information ] KIMONO RENTAL wargo Asakusa Rock Street
Rental Kimono shop (usually): 8:00~18:00
■Address: (our recommended shop)
Atelier Building 1-41-8, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-75-600-2830
■URL: https://kyotokimono-rental.com/…/asa…/asakusa-access/asakusa
5 minutes walking from “Asakusa Station”.
3 minutes walking from “Sensoji”.

traditional footwear, "geta"  KIMONO RENTAL wargo Asakusa Rock Street girls wearing "Kimono" visiting temples