[Japan of March]

Japan in March

Became in March.

March is the beginning of the spring in Japan.
Japanese have awaited the spring.

What kind of events will carry out in March?

1)”Hina-matsuri” (Doll Festival) (March 3)
You read the article about “Hina-Matsuri”?
In this day, you can see the “Hina-Ningyo” in Japan.

2)White Day (March 14)
White Day is a custom that has been made in Japan from about 20 years ago.
White Day is a day to give back Valentine’s Day’s gift or feeling.
Maybe, you get the reply of Valentine’s Day.

3)”Haru-no-ohigan” (Equinoctial week of spring) (From March 17 to 23)
The “Ohigan” is a unique Buddhist event in Japan.
“Ohigan” (Equinoctial week) is the 7 days of around the “vernal equinox day” and “autumnal equinox day”. It has these day and 3 days before and after.

4)The graduation ceremony
In almost Japanese school, school’s year begins in April and ends in March.
So, we carry out the graduation ceremony in March.
March is said to be the season of farewell.

In March, it begins to bloom a lot of flowers, such as “Nanohana” (rape blossoms) and cherry blossoms and so on.

Let’s enjoy the early spring in March!

"Hina-matsuri" (Doll Festival) (March 3)  White Day (March 14)  "Haru-no-ohigan" (equinoctial week of spring)  The graduation ceremony