[Studying Japanese: Various way of apologizing in Japanese]

Studying Japanese: Various way of apologizing in Japanese

Good evening! Thank you reading always !

I’ll study a “Various way of apologizing in Japanese” today! 
It changes by the level about which a partner is angry.

Here we go! lesson!

① “A little mischievous” level
“Gomen” or “Gomen ne” (each means : sorry.).
It’s used at the time which was carelessly mistaken.
This phrase is used generally by children.

② “broke an important thing” Level
“Gomen na sai” or “sumima sen” (each means : I’m so sorry.)
This phrase is used generally by adults.
“sumima sen” may also be used as “Excuse me.”

③ “Make the trouble to a customer at an office or a store” Level.
“Hontou ni moushiwake gozaimasen” (I’m (really) sorry.)
“Gomeiwaku wo okake itashi mashita” (I deeply apologize for causing you so much trouble.)
It is the most commonly used phrase in the public place.

④ “Irreparable” level
“Makoto ni moushiwake gozaima sen” (I deeply apologize for that truly.)
“Makoto ni” is the meaning as “sincerity” or “truly” from the bottom of my heart.
We often hear this phrase by apology interviews on TV.
Some people do “Dogeza” (kneeling) .

It’s important to apologize, isn’t it?
It’s easy Japanese, so I’ll try it out!