[ Funawa café @Asakusa/Tokyo]

Original ”Imo yo-kan”.

Have you ever ate a “Imo yo-kan”?
It’s Japanese traditional sweets.

“Imo yo-kan” is made from the paste of sweet potato. The unique sweetness of the sweet potato is loved by people and is eaten widely in Japan.
I will talk the details of the “Imo yo-kan” in some other time.
This time, I will introduce the modern sweets, using such “Imo yo-kan” and about the eatable shop.
The “Funawa cafe”, is the cafe which “Funawa” runs. “Funawa” is the original shop which produces and sells “Imo yo-kan”.
Both the shop “Funawa” and “Funawa cafe” is located in same town, “Asakusa” in Tokyo.
But, you can eat the modern sweets of “Imo yo-kan” only at “Funawa cafe”.

You can eat the sweets such as,
・”Imo yo-kan” parfait ( an “Imo yo-kan” is on the parfait)
・”Oimo” (sweet potato) pan cake set
・”Oimo” pudding
・”Imo yo-kan” soft cream, and so on

Also, you can have an “Oimo” tea for a drink.
If you like sweet potato, please have a try at “Funawa cafe”!
[ Information ] “Funawa cafe”
2-19-10 Kaminari-mon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-5828-2703
■URL: http://funawa.jp/shop/contents?contents_id=228730 (Only in Japanese)
■Access: There is the shop to at hand from the “Toei Asakusa” Line A4 exit

It is the pretty, nostalgic appearance.  The signboard of the "Funawa cafe". "Oimo" pudding and "Oimo" tea.  "Oimo" pudding. The sweetness is modest. "Oimo” tea. It is sweet.