[“Tetsugakuno-michi” Promenade of Philosophy in autumn / Kyoto]

"Tetsugakuno-michi" in autumn

Many Japanese love “Sanpo” as walking slowly and feeling atmosphere, enjoying landscapes. In autumn, most popular path is “Tetsugakuno-michi” as famous “Path of philosophy”. Especially, autumn leaves “Momiji” is peerless.

By the way, why is it called “Path of philosophy”? One century ago, Kitaro Nishida, most famous Japanese philosopher, was walking in this path always with thinking meditation. There was named Path of Philosophy.

Next to the path, it is pure and calmly flowing water. It is “Lake Biwa Sosui”. This canal is from Lake “Biwa”, which is Japan’s largest lake.

In this canal “Sosui”, we watch the beautiful landscape. Cherry blossoms bloom in the both sides over 1.5 kilometers in the spring. Most firefly is dancing in the early summer.

The landscape at “Shishi-ga-tani2 is very beautiful landscapes. It makes us in deep heart. You can walk slowly this path all season.

[Information] “Tetsugakuno-michi”
37, Ishibashi-cho, Jodo-ji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
■TEL: +81-75-661-3755
https://kanko.city.kyoto.lg.jp/detail.php? InforKindCode=1&ManageCode=3000069
Get off the bus at “Ginkakuji-mae” bus stop from Kyoto station.

"Tetsugakuno-michi" in autumn  "Momiji" is peerless Cherry blossoms bloom in the both sides  Hydrangea flower