[ Japanese Christmas Market @”Marunouchi”,”Hibiya kouen”/Tokyo ]

"Marunouchi" Christmas market.

This time I went to Christmas Market at “Marunouchi” and “Hibiya kouen”.
The “Marunouchi” and “Hibiya kouen” Christmas market has just began. So it is not so big, but a lot of people came for enjoying the market.
At both Christmas markets, foods, drinks and some Christmas goods are sold. And there are some lighting objects and illuminations at the market.
Many people have enjoyed the dinner and taking pictures with their friends and family.
Also, the Christmas trees and the streets with illuminations in “Marunouchi” were very beautiful!!
I was excited at the Christmas mood of the town!
How about you?
[ Information ] “Marunouchi” Christmas Market, Tokyo Christmas Market
1) “Marunouchi” Christmas Market
12/1-12/27 11:30am-8:30pm
2) Tokyo Christmas Market (@”Hibiya kouen”)
12/11-12/25 12:00am-10:00pm
1) Marunouchi, Chuou-ku, Tokyo
2) 1 Hibiya kouen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
1) 3 minute walk from the JR “Tokyo station”
2) 1 minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line or Chiyoda Line “Hibiya station” A14 exit

The Snow Domes and goods are very lovely!  "Hibiya-koen" Christmas market. Many people took a picture of the objects.  The deer object is cute.  The illuminations of "Marunouchi".  Christmas trees are always beautiful.