[ Japanese Christmas Illuminations @Tokyo ]

Tokyo area: Merry-go-round type Christmas tree with sculptures of famous skater (Hanyu Yuzuru).

Hello, everyone. Christmas is coming soon!
Every year at this season, I get so excited for illuminations.
This time, I will introduce you about the Japanese illuminations in Tokyo.
Japanese illuminations are getting more brilliant year after year.
Some Christmas trees are unconventional, and some illuminations are light up with projection mappings.
Recently, we use the led illumination. So illumination’s color is very colorful!!
Also this year, eleven sculptures of famous Japanese people have appeared at Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho areas.
There are sculptures of famous Japanese Busho (Japanese military commanders) and the athlete and so on.
Though, I’m little shy to take photographs with them. lol.
You can see illuminations, not only Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho areas, but also Omote-sando, Shinjuku and so on.
Next time, I’d like to introduce about Christmas market of Japan.
Please compare illuminations and Christmas market between your country and the Japan’s.

[ Information ] You can see illuminations at…
1) Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho areas
■Start and Finish:
11/12–2/14/2016 5pm-11pm
1 minute walk from the Tokyo Metro “Otemachi station”, “Yuraku-cho station” or JR “Tokyo station”
2) Omote-sando, Harajyuku areas
■Start and Finish:
12/1–12/25 5pm-9pm
1 minute walk from the Tokyo Metro “Omote-sando station”, “Meiji-jingu-mae station” or JR “Harajuku Station”
3) Shinjuku areas
■Start and Finish:
11/11–2/14/2016 5pm-12pm
5 minutes walk from the JR “Shinjuku station”
4) Lighting Bench Art
■Start and Finish:
12/1–12/27 5pm-12pm
Around Otemachi, Marunouchi and Yurakucho areas

Yurakucho area: Monkey Christmas tree (The Japanese Eto of the year 2016 is the monkey).  Yurakucho area: Sculptures of famous Japanese Busho (Tokugawa Ieyasu).  Omotesando area: 8m long Christmas tree in the Omotesando Hills.  Omotesando area: The illuminations that continue from Omotesando Hills to Harajuku.  Sinjyuku area: The illuminations of Shinjuku Southern Terrace.