[ “Aki-no-mikaku” (autumn taste) series: “Wa-nashi” ]

Wa-nashi "Kousui"

“Wa-nashi” is the kinds of pear cultivated in Japan.
It appears in the market as fruit in Japan from summer to autumn.

The feature of “Wa-nashi” is round, plumpy, heavily and axis is solid.
“Wa-nashi” is fresh and juicy, and the crispy texture is good for eating raw. It is delicious even if it is used for salad.

Also, “Wa-nashi” has two types by the skin color. One is a “red pear” type (yellowish-brown skin color), the other is “bluish pear” type (apple-green skin color).

“Ko-sui” and “Sin Takanashi” are “red pear” type. And “Nijyuseiki” and “Kikusui” are “bluish pear” type. They are all delicious!

There is an event called “Nashi-gari” (pear picking) in Japan. We go to “Wa-nashi” farm to pick pears off from the tree.
You can enjoy picking and eating “Wa-nashi” for about around 1,000 yen.

The period of “Nashi-gari” is possible from the end of August to the end of September.

If you have a plan to Japan at this season, please try it!

"Wa-nashi" packing.  We go to "Nashi" farm for "Nashi-gari". You can pick lots of "Nashi" at "Nashi-gari".