[ Today’s Japanese word “Tsukemono” ]

"Tsukemono" (Pickles in Japan)

Today’s Japanese word “Tsukemono” (Pickles in Japan).

Pickles are called “Tsukemono” in Japan.
“Tsukemono” is a food that a variety of ingredients dipped in salt, vinegar, sake cake and other pickled materials for a long time to improve the flavor.
There are many local “Tsukemono” in Japan.

To pickle “Tsukemono”, we use a special container such as “Tsukemono-daru” (a barrel for “Tsukemono”).

There are many different names for “Tsukemono”. For example, “Shinko”, “Koko”, “Oshinko” and so on.
“Ko” was originally a word expressing “miso”. But recently this word is often used for “Tsukemono” that is made without using miso.

People enjoy eating “Tsukemono” with rice in Japan, because we can easily ingest nutrition of vegetables by eating it. The various vegetables is used for “Tsukemono”, for example radish, cucumber, eggplant, carrot and so on.

“Tsukemono” can suppress the harshness and bitter taste of vegetables, so you can eat “Tsukemono” easier than raw vegetables.
When you come to Japan, please try “Tsukemono”.

"Tsukemono" and "Onigiri"  "Tsukemono" : raddish, cucumber, eggplant, carrot