[ Enoshima (2) / Kanagawa ]

Enoshima shrine

Enoshima is the famous place to visit and enjoy beautiful views. Today, I introduce other spots!

In Enoshima island, there is Enoshima shrine that is one of three great shrines of Benzaiten. (Benzaiten is a god of Buddhism.) We believe the God as marine transportation, fishery, traffic and inviting happiness, property. And we believe God as performing arts progress.

Also there are an observatory, a park, a bell and caves. The bell is called “bell of dragon love” and known as a romantic spot on the island. It is believed that eternal love comes true by tolling the bell.

An observatory is called “Enoshima sea candle”. There is outdoor observation deck. We can enjoy wide views about Mt Fuji!

Though Enoshima is far from Tokyo, it is a popular place worth visiting.

[ Information ] Enoshima Shrine
2-3-8 Enoshima, Fujisawa city, Kanagawa
■TEL: +81-466-22-4020
10 minutes walking from “Enoshima station”
From “Enoden” “Fujisawa station” to “Enoshima station” about 10 min.
1) Odakyu Enoshima line : about 63 min from “Shinjuku station” to “Katase-enoshima station”.
2) JR Tokaidoline : about 48 min from “Tokyo station” to “Fujisawa Station”.

Enoshima sea candle  "bell of dragon love"