[ “Kusatsu onsen” @ Gunma Pref.]


“Kusatsu onsen” is a hot spring in Kusatsu town, Gunma Pref..
It is one of the excellent hot springs representing Japan. It was rated on the top ranking of those days in Edo era.

Hot spring of “Kusatsu onsen” is an acid spring basically.
There are six large sources managing publicly, and many small sources which hotels own exist too.
The quantity of hot water springing out is extremely abundant, and the temperature of hot water is high with around 50-90 degrees centigrade.

There is some big to small hot springs in “Kusatsu onsen”.
I will introduce a part of those.

1) “Yubatake”: It is the source that springs out from the center of the “Onsen-gai” (hot-spring resort). It is maintained into rotary form. There are a few scenes that hot water springs out like a waterfall, and it is the best part very much.

2) “Netsu-no-yu”: It is a hot spring which is springing out directly from the bottom of the bathtub. It is a famous hot spring as a “Yumomi” (scrambling hot spring) show is carried out.

3) “Ashi-yu” (footbath): It is a hot spring where you only put foot. You can enjoy it when you have few minutes. It is a convenient hot spring when you want to warm a little.

Also, there are a lot of hot springs with the various effects, including the hot spring only to cook “Onsen-tamago” (hot-spring egg).

It is a hot spring spot you can be healed all day.

[ Information ] “Kusatsu onsen”
■Open: “Yubatake” opens for 24 hours
■Admission fee : “Yubatake” opens for free.
Please confirm it locally because there are fees selected as depending on hot spring hut. (Fees are about 500yen)
Kusatsu, Kusatsu town, Azuma-gun, Gunma
■TEL: +81-279-88-0800
■URL: http://www.kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp.e.uh.hp.transer.com/
■E-mail: you-love@kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp
★From Ueno station (By Train)
1) Ride on “Tokkyu Kusatsu” (superexpress) to “Naganohara Kusatsuguchi” station (about 2hour 30 minutes ride).
2) Ride on JR Connecting bus to “Kusatsu onsen” (about 25 minutes ride).

“Netsu-no-yu”. A show to ransack the hot spring with the board of the tree is held.  "Ashi-yu" "Onsen-tamago"