[“Mitsumine-Jinja” (shrine) @ Chichibu / Saitama]

"Shiroi-ki-mamori" ("white good luck charm")

“Mitsumine-Jinja” is popular place about spiritual spot.
“Mitsumine-Jinja” was built in 1800 year, with the wish of peace.

This shrine is on 1102 meter height, so the air is always cold and clear. Around the ceiling of shrine, there are over 100 kinds flowers and trees in “Oku-Chichibu”.

Especially the reason of popularity is “Shiroi-ki-mamori” (“white good luck charm”). But you can get it on only the 1st day of every month! So, many people go to get this special good luck charm.
“Shiroi-ki-mamori” is white color. “White” is color of the sun. It means sacred color from the old time in Japan.

If you want to get the good luck charm, you need to get limited ticket.
You should check website of “Mitsumine-Jinja” for the time of distributing limited ticket.

[ Information ] Mitsumine-Jinja
Check the information of website.

298-1, Mitsumine, Chichibu City, Saitama.
■TEL: +81-494-55-2041
■URL: http://www.mitsuminejinja.or.jp/
■Facebook: http://ja-jp.facebook.com/mitsuminejinja
Nearest station is “Seibu-Chichibu line” “Seibu-Chichibu station”.
You get on the bus from “Seibu-Chichibu station” for about 75 minutes. And you get off the bus at “Mitsumine-Jinja”, you walk about 15 minutes.

"Mitsumine-Jinja"  This shrine is on 1102 meter height.  the air is always cold and clear.