[ “Ryusen-do” Cave @ Iwate ]

Inside of the cave have a sidewalk.

“Ryusen-do” Cave is a stalactite cave in Iwaizumi-cho, Iwate prefecture. It is also said “Iwaizumi Wakutsu”.
Its total length is about 3, 600m.

It is counted in one of “The Japan’s three biggest stalactite caves”, with “Akiyoshi” Cave (Mine-city, Yamaguchi) and “Ryuga” Cave (Kami-city, Kochi).

Also, the underground lake (underground lake water of the “Ryusen-do” Cave) is chosen as one of 100 selections of famous clear water in 1985.

The water of “Ryusen-do” cave is famous by being proud of eminent degree of clearness in the world.
I was struck by the beauty of the water, because the lake bottom called “The dragon blue” is the beauty of bright blue.
This is because the water of the swamp where deep in the earth crawled into gushes out in underground lake.

In the cave, there are the habitation of five kinds of co-bats.
These bats were appointed to the “Natural Monument of the Country” (on December 14, 1938) with the cave in the name of ” Iwaizumi Wakutsu and bat”.

Recently, many people come over by car from the city of Kanto and the neighborhood for seeing the cave.

[ Information ] “Ryusen-do” Cave
■Open: Open all year round
From May to September
■Admission fee:
Adult (Over high school) : 1, 000yen
Kids (Under Junior high school) : 500yen
1-1 Kaminari, Iwaizumi, Iwaizumi-cho, Shimohei-gun, Iwate
■URL: http://www.iwate-ryusendo.jp/en/
Use the bus to “Ryusen-do” Cave.

From “Tokyo Station”
1) Ride on the “Touhoku-Shinkansen” to “Morioka Station” (About 2hour 20min ride)
2) Take a bus at “Morioka Station” East exit first bus stop
Ride on the bus to “Ryusen-do” Cave (JR Bus Touhoku)
*You can buy the ticket at “JR Bus ticket-window” in “Morioka Station” North exit.

Bottom of the cave.  "Choumei no Fuchi" (Deep water of the longevity) is very clear water. "Mamori Jishi" (Guard Lion). Stalactite looks like the lion which sat down.