[Today’s Introduction of Japan :Japanese toilet ]

useful functions of "Japanese toilet".

Today’s Japanese introduction is “Japanese toilet”.
It is said that the Japanese toilet has its own evolution.

Today, I will introduce useful functions of “Japanese toilet”.

① “Washlet” or “Shower toilet”.
This is a very famous function.
It is a sanitary cleaning device which can obtain comfortable cleaning feeling in both buttock cleaning mode and a bidet cleaning mode.
The warm water rises from it, and you can adjust the temperature and water condition.
※ “Washlet” is a registered trademark of TOTO. “Shower toilet” is the registered trademark of INAX.

② Toilet seat warming function.
The function is always warming the toilet seat.
The toilet seat is not cold at any time.

③ Stool lid and stool seat automatic opening and closing device.
When approaching the toilet, the sensor senses and the lid of the stool lid opens.
Also, when you leave the toilet, the stool lid will close.

④ Automatic cleaning.
When you leave the toilet, water flows automatically.

⑤ “Otohime”
It is a device to erase the privacy sound in the toilet.

These functions are also widely used in household toilets. Once used, it is a really pleasant toilet.

By the way, we find a toilet in various places such as parks or department stores. They are always very beautiful and clean.
Why is it?
The reason of it is introduced next time!!

"Otohime" It is a device to erase the privacy sound in the toilet.  Clean public toilet