[Today’s famous “Sakura” spot-7: “Takato Castle Site Park” @Ina City in Nagano」


I introduce some famous spot of “Sakura” in Ina City in Nagano Pref.

And this time, I will introduce “Takato Castle Site Park”.
Takato’s Cherry is called “Takato-Kohigan-Zakura”.
“Takato-Kohigan-Zakura” is a little small reddish flowers than “Somei-yoshino”.

In the park, there are about 1500 also cherry trees.
It has been called “the most beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan” since a long time ago.
And it’s elected “Sakura attractions 100 selection”.

“Takato Castle Site Park”‘s cherry tree is the “natural monument of Nagano Prefecture”.
The entire park is dyed in a thin red at the time of full bloom.
You can also enjoy the thin pink “Somei-yoshino” cherry blossoms.

The best time to watch is in the mid-April.
At the peak of the cherry blossoms is visited by about 25 million tourists.

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[ Information ] “Takato Castle Site Park”
Open all year round and 24 hours a day.
2295 HigashiTakato, Takato-machi, Ina-city Nagano
■TEL: +81-265-78-4111
■URL: http://takato-inacity.jp/h28/
By car: About 30 min. from “Ina Interchange” of Chuo Express Highway.

"Takato Castle Site Park"