[ Sightseeing by old ship at Fushimi nostalgic Area @ Kyoto ]

"Jukkoku-bune" with sakura (cherry blossom)

Your special experiences in Kyoto visit, you are enjoying sightseeing ship in Fushimi nostalgic area.

Fushimi is famous with Japanese “Sake” winery, “Sake” cellar and many historical buildings. You are boarding small boat “Jukkoku-bune”, you see and find some interesting spots in Fushimi and Kyoto.

The “Jukkoku-bune” (ship) is traditional ship between Kyoto and Osaka in Meiji Era (1869-1912).
In then, Fushimi is mercantile big city, called Fushimi-city. And Fushimi’s port is growing by transportation between Kyoto and Osaka. For example, clothes, food, rice, fish and people.

Osaka is most largest port in Japan. Still now, you can see and feel some prosperity of the Meiji Era. Unfortunately, this transportation systems were decreasing and abolished, because instead of train and vehicles.

In memory of the passed time, it has been resurrected is operated as a nostalgic boat.
We suggest you night’s cruising in the summer. It operate from August 1st to August 1th.

Jukkoku-bune has two styles. One is small boat. Only 15 people are able to ride. Operations are from April 1st to November 30. Its time is about 55 minutes.
Another is large boat only for tour visitors. This boat is occupied by 30 persons, so you should book in tour operators.

[ Information ] Jukkoku-bune boat cruising at Fushimi traditional area
Operated from April 1st to November 30th
excl. every Monday
Gekkeikan Memorial Hall, 247 Minamihama-cho, Fushimi-dist, Kyoto
■TEL: +81-75-623-1030
10 minutes walking from JR “Uji” station. This station is located 17 minutes from Kyoto station.

"Jukkoku-bune" with sakura (cherry blossom)  "Jukkoku-bune"