[ Kyoto “Minami-za” Kabuki Theatre @Kyoto ]

Kyoto "Minami-za"

Would you like to see “Kabuki” in Kyoto?
“Kabuki” is well-known traditional Japanese performing art.

400 years ago, the performance is held by Okuni at Kyoto Shijo-Kawaramachi. This performance is known as “Onna Kabuki” (women’s Kabuki). Okuni was a maiden from Izumo, and she is said to be the ancestor of “Kabuki”.
At the beginning of 17th century, there were 7 theatres at Kyoto-Shijo. But now, “Minami-za” is the only theatre where we can enjoy “Kabuki” at the birthplace of “Kabuki”.

“Minami-za” looks like the beautiful Japanese castle and it is registered as a tangible cultural asset.
Besides “Kabuki”, varieties of performances are held at “Minami-za”. Especially, “Kichirei Kaomise Kogyo” is the most famous Kabuki performance as seasonal tradition on winter for Kyoto people.

How about going to “Minami-za” for enjoying “Kabuki”? If you don’t understand Japanese, don’t worry! There are English programs about the plays, so please ask at the theatre.
Don’t forget to enjoy Japanese food during intermissions. Restaurants and shops inside the theatre offers nice meals.

[ Information ] Kyoto MINAMIZA Theatre
Irregular holiday
East side, Shijō-ōhashi-bridge, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City
■TEL: +81-75-561-1155
■URL: http://www.kabuki-bito.jp/eng/contents/theatre/kyoto_minamiza.html
City Bus to “Shijo Kawaramachi”
3-min walk from Hankyu Railway “Kawaramachi Station” Exit 1
1-min walk from Keihan Railway “Gion-shijō Station” Exit 6
About 15-min from JR “Kyoto Station”

Hanamichi  the outside of "Minami-za"  Stage